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Code of Conduct

All Councillors have to sign up to this code which dictates how they should act while on Parish Council Business

Please click on the link below for the full document

2015 May Code of Conduct – Localism Act 2012

Standing Orders

The Standing Orders are the rules which a Parish Council uses to conduct its business

Please click on the link below to see the full document



Who are the Councillors

Chairman Councillor Mrs. Joyce T Davies
Vice Chairman Councillor Mr. Mark Parsons
Councillor Mr. Mark Chester
Councillor Mr. Nic Eynon
Councillor Mr. David B Howie
Councillor Mrs. Margaret Lloyd
Councillor Mr. Russell Manning
Councillor Mr. Gerald T Statham
Councillor Mrs. Beth Wood


Wormside Ward Councillor Mr. Jon Johnson

Agenda of the Next Meeting

The next meeting now will be the 12th March 2018. Please see the link below for the agenda

2018 141 12th March 2018