Neighbourhood Development Plan

The 29th June 2019 will see a public consultation on the Kilpeck Draft Neighbourhood Development Plan. All households and businesses within the plan area will have received notification of where the draft plan can be viewed and how to respond to the consultation. There are links below for the Draft Plan and the Questionnaire

NDP Draft June 2019

Questionnaire v2


December 2018 Steering Group Meeting with the Whitfield Estate

Whitfield Meeting Q and A

Kilpeck Group Parish Council commissioned an independent site assessment report to consider the sites which had been put forward for consideration

A copy of that report can be seen by clicking on the link below

Site Assessment Report for the Kilpeck Neighbourhood Plan Final

Kilpeck Group Parish Council have instigated the creation of a Neighbourhood Development Plan with the First Public Meeting being held in Kilpeck Village Hall on MONDAY 23rd January 2017.

Below shows progress to date follow the page down to see the various stages from the commencement

February 2017 Planning Policy Assessment and Evidence Base Review to view this document please click on the link

04 2017 V 7a Kilpeck Draft Issues and Options (003)



Below January 2017 first public meeting in Kilpeck Village Hall presentation by Herefordshire Council’s Neighbourhood Planning Department total of 40 plus attendees




Link below will take you to the Neighbourhood Development Plan Area Designation Document


2017 Steering Group 1st Meeting 8th February 2017

2017 Steering Group 2nd Meeting 8th March 2017